Chris Trengove is a scriptwriter, script editor, author and educator who has written hundreds of TV scripts and a number of books

After leaving university Chris trained as a journalist, before working as a strip club stage manager, teacher, rock band manager, minicab driver and advertising copywriter. He has been a fulltime writer since the early eighties when he spent 18 months in New York as one of the original team writing for iconic animated series THUNDERCATS, as well as several other top-rating shows. Back in the UK, he became one of the country's most sought-after animation writers, and to date has written scripts for, developed or script-edited nearly 40 successful series. Most notably, he co-developed and wrote the Bible for worldwide smash BOB THE BUILDER, as well as scripting numerous episodes.

He has written several books for older children/young adults: CLAWS OF FURY (originally published by Bloomsbury) is available on Amazon as is the sequel, CLAWS OF THUNDER. Third in the trilogy, CLAWS OF VENGEANCE, will be published shortly.

With long-time co-writer Peter Lawrence Chris has also written a number of books for adults, including two originally published by Quartet Books and now available on Amazon: IT'S YOUR MONEY IN MY POCKET, DEAR, NOT MINE IN YOURS and UP THE PICTURES (previously entitled ENGULFED IN A TIDE OF FILTH.) The third volume in their 'London Chronicles' series is THE MAO TSE TUNG WORKERS REVOLUTIONARY STRIPTEASE EMPORIUM, also available on Amazon. FULL MOON, a bio of legendary hellraiser Keith Moon originally published by W H Allen, has been re-published by Faber and Faber.

Chris and Peter's most recent output includes three volumes of steampunk fantasy series FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE: THE INCORRUPTIBLES, THE FEAR and THE RECKONING; and three horror novellas: BLOOD RANCH; LOOM: ISLAND OF TERROR; and NIGHT OF THE DOGS. All are available on Amazon.


In recent years Chris has written for the BAA- and BAFTA-nominated series KING ARTHUR'S DISASTERS; worked as Series Script Editor and Head Writer on DENNIS AND GNASHER; and contributed numerous scripts to JUNGLE BOOK Series 1 and 2. He is currently writing the Bible and scripts for a major new animation series.

He is also involved in writer education, having mentored at a number of scriptwriting workshops including Pygmalion (2004) Prime4Kids&Family (2010 to 2013) and the Flanders Animation Fund (2014 and 2015.) He recently set up his own online mentoring service for scriptwriters and authors:

Chris lives in Oxford with his wife and has a grown-up son. His leisure interests include jazz, Jags, comedy, movies and travel.

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